Moving Etiquette 101:

Top Things Movers Want You to Know

Whether you’re a mechanic, you’re in sales, or you own a small business, interacting with other people is probably something that you do regularly while you’re at work. Be it your clients, your providers or your co-workers, you might wish that there were a few things that they knew before your exchanges that would make things more productive and go much more smoothly. When you hire a moving company, there are a few things that these professionals wish you knew before they get started, too. For your old or new space, make sure you have fire extinguisher inspection new york county prepare your home with fire extinguishers. 

The task of moving is certainly not an easy one, even for the most experienced and reputable movers. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, here’s a look at some key points professional movers want you to know before moving day to facilitate a quicker, easier, and more efficient move.

Finish Packing Before They Arrive

Unless you are hiring long island moving services to do the packing and the moving for you, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything boxed up and ready to go before your movers get there. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a home, ready to start loading things up, only to find that half of the boxes are empty and half of the “stuff” is still strewn about.

The job of your movers will be made infinitely easier if everything is ready to be loaded onto a truck when they arrive. If they have to wait for you to finish packing, you’re wasting their time, and your money.

Properly Label All Boxes

Clearly label all boxes with their intended destination. For example, if there are certain boxes that you want in the living room and others that you want in the bedroom, make sure they are labeled with the name of the location you would like to have them placed. This will make unloading your boxes easier, and will make unpacking less painful for you.

Mark Fragile Items

Movers may be able to do many things, but seeing through boxes isn’t one of them. Unless a box is marked as fragile, your movers won’t know that they should handle it with care. So, make sure that you write “fragile” on all boxes that contain anything breakable and require extra care during the transition from your old place to your new one.

Make Sure They Have Easy Access

You want your movers to be able to easily access your space in order to make the move as stress-free as possible. Prior to their arrival, make sure that there is an open space that is large enough for them to park their vehicle, and that the space is within close proximity to your home. Also, you want to make sure that it will be easy for them to get into and out of your house, so clear any paths before they get started. Not only will this help things go much quicker, but it will also improve the safety of your long island moving companies.

Avoid Making Large Boxes Too Heavy

While it might make sense to load up all of your books into one large box, in reality, this is a horrible idea. Even the most able-bodied mover will have a hard time lifting a large box that is loaded with heavy books. Plus, there’s a greater chance that a large, overly heavy box will break in transition.

A better idea is to reserve those big boxes for lighter items, such as towels and bed linens, and split up the load of heavier items into smaller boxes.

Empty All Furniture

Before the move, make sure that all of your furniture is emptied out, including drawers, desks, storage cabinets and armoires. Though the idea of putting all of the items that these piece of furniture contain into a box, only to unload them and put them back in the same spot again after the move may seem daunting, it’s the wisest thing to do. Full furniture = heavy furniture. Plus, it poses a risk to the movers, as the content may shift, causing drawers to slide open or fall out. Movers long island know how to lift heavy objects correctly. Only thing left will be the walls, the floor, and the windows treated by window treatment new hanover county.

Steer Clear

Though it may be difficult to relinquish control, it’s much easier for your movers if you stay out of the way. Even though you may be trying to help, professionals know what they are doing and usually have a specific system. If you try to be actively involved, you could gum up the works and make the job more difficult – and more dangerous.

Remain Present

Though they need you to keep your distance, they shouldn’t be left to do it all by themselves. Stay within close enough proximity so that if you are needed, your movers can easily find you. It’s best to stay around the vicinity, but if you do need to run somewhere, make sure you let your crew know of your whereabouts, and make sure they have a contact number, too.

By practicing proper etiquette, you can ensure that your moving crew will be able to work as efficiently and safely as possible – and your move will be done even quicker, too! Call moving company long island today!